About us

Weblogy Group is a media group of e-marketing agencies

that offer a unique blend of creativity and digital marketing expertise in online media, mobile and social media,

Weblogy is also a publisher of mobile applications, and the most visited websites and E-commerce in French-speaking Africa, including Abidjan.net.

Being a pioneer in digital in Africa, Weblogy wishes to democratize payment on the internet through the development of the Abidjan.net Prepaid Visa card.

Abidjan.net: more than a website !

Created in 1998, abidjan.net is the first free informational website in Francophone Africa.

Abidjan.net publishes general information pertaining to the political, economic, social, and cultural in Ivory Coast with an international outlook through multiple partnerships and press agencies.

Credibility, diversity and quality of the content have made abidjan.net the standard to follow in Francophone Africa


NSIA Bank is a major player in the Ivorian banking system. It is a leader in the electronic payments field :

  • They are the first in Ivory Coast to : obtain the VISA certification via the GIM-UEMOA
  • Offer multifunctional prepaid VISA cards
  • NSIA Bank credit cards are accepted in the vast VISA network (225 countries) and in the GIM-UEMOA network

Acceptance Network

The VISA Abidjan.net prepaid card can be freely used in more than 200 countries for purchases and withdrawals.