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Manage my children’s pocket money with ease

Teaching your kids how to use banking tools is essential. The card is the ideal solution for them to learn healthy spending habits and facilitate a good management of their pocket money.

Advantages for parents:

Commitment free

You are able, at any time, to cease transferring funds to your children’s cards

You are protected

The card is not linked to the parents’ bank account thus there is no risk of being overdrawn. There are no hidden fees. You can top up the card through wire transfer or by transferring from card to card.

Controlled spending

Your children will only be able to spend the available amount on the card. When the balance is insufficient, they will not be able to use it.


When your children go online shopping, whether video games, or on the Apple store, They can do so using their card. You will access to all of their card transactions on the online account of the card.