• The prepaid VISA card is highly secure and enjoys the same level of protection than a traditional credit card : a PIN code and a service centre available 24/7 by calling the following number : +225 21 30 22 66
  • Shop online completely safely
  • Your financial information cannot be accessed because the card is not linked to any bank account even when buying on the internet.

You can perfectly manage your budget. Your spending is limited to the amount loaded on to your prepaid card.


  • Check your balance 24/7 by logging into your account online “My account”
  • Shop abroad, the card is accepted throughout the VISA network ( 200 countries)
  • Receive your salary or wire transfers
  • Pay for your daily purchases, gifts or hobbies.
  • Withdraw cash from all ATMs belonging to the VISA network in Cote d’Ivoire or abroad.

Make your purchases with complete peace of mind, your purchases are not linked to a current bank account.