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My bankless card

Your card without a bank account

  • The card prevents you from becoming dependent on a bank.

  • The card is for everyone, regardless of your financial situation

  • Once the card is activated, it can be used immediately

  • You can only spend the available amount on your card

  • You can check your card balance anytime by logging into your account online

  • The customer service is available 24/7 at the following number +225 21 30 22 66 or by email: for any additional questions or complains

Commitment free card

  • You can use the card without any commitment

  • Top up your card with the amount you want at any time and during three years

  • Use your card freely in Ivory Coast and in the WAEMU and anywhere else in the world:
    - More than 32 million merchants in the world
    - More than 1.2 million ATM machines

  • The VISA card is international