Managing your account

How can I check my account balance on my card ?

You can check your card balance 24 hours a day and 7days a week OR 24/7 :

  • On the website under the “My Account” section (free)
  • By calling the helpline 00225 21 30 22 66 (standard fees apply)
  • Through the ATM (cost: 585 F)
  • Receiving your card balance through text message for each transaction. (free)

  • The card balance corresponds to the available amount of funds on your card and takes into account every transaction made..

Do I receive any bank statements ?
No, although your electronic bank statements are available on the website in the section “My Account”, free of charge.

What are the different codes related to my card ?

When you detach your card in the envelope given, you will find three different codes:

  1. Pin Code, comprised of 4 numbers, used to withdraw cash from ATMs or to pay using an EPT
  2. Pass Code, comprised of 4 numbers, used to access to your online account and by phone.
  3. The CVV comprised of 3 numbers, which can be found on the back of the card, is necessary for shopping online.

How can I change my PIN code and my PASS code ?
The PIN and PASS codes can be changed at any time. To do so, you need to connect to your account online and follow the instructions. You can change your PIN and PASS codes free of charge.

How can I deactivate my card ?
You can terminate your contract whenever you wish to by sending a registered letter with an acknowledgement of receipt, to the following address : - BP 652 GRAND BASSAM. You have 30 days to withdraw your balance on your card by using an ATM or by making a payment with your card. The termination will be activated in the following month after the letter is received ( please refer to the general conditions of use )
The termination of your account is possible if there are no funds on your card for 3 consecutive months, if you haven’t used it or recharged it. The termination can be declared if you ignore all contact from the card team.
In addition you are able to block your card through your online account.

How can I change my personal information ?

If you are the cardholder, you can only change your email and phone number. The remaining info can only be changed through one of our agencies or by calling the following number: 00225 21 30 22 66 (normal costs apply).

Certain changes need to be approved by the company and you may need to send supporting documents such as civil status, proof of address, etc.

Do I have access to my bank Identity Statement ?
No, No, there is no bank identity Statement linked to your cards because this document is only available for bank accounts.
You do not need to open a personal bank account in order to benefit from the card.