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What is the prepaid card ?
The card is a highly secure prepaid card VISA reloadable/rechargable in any official distributors. As with any other VISA bank card, the card will enable you to withdraw cash at any ATM from the VISA network, but can also be used as a payment method at any sale point or online that accept debit VISA card, without going over the available amount. The card is designed for member, internet user, student, traveler, or merchant.

How many cards can I purchase ?
You are limited to 2 active cards per person. Members of your family, excluding minors, can obtain an active card registered in their name.

What is the diffrence between the prepaid card and a credit card ?
Unlike a credit card, the prepaid card VISA cannot exceed the availbale amount on your card. The expenses are limited to the amount that has been charged on your card. There will be no overdraft if there are insufficient funds, therefore you will not have to pay any bank charge. card is not linked to a bank account, but offers much of the same services that a bank account would provide without the inconveniences ( lengthy administrative procedures, monthly fees, long term comittment…) such as a secure method of paiement for all merchants that accept VISA, cash withdrawal at ATMs, international paiement, to name a few.

Lastly with prepaid card VISA, you are able to benefit from additionnal services such as money transfers, which normal credit cards do not offer.

I am banned from banking, can I be an card holder ?
Yes you can, even you have any litigations with your bank, the VISA can still be activated. In addition the card prevents you from having an overdraft when making your purchases.

Are there any specific conditions that need to be met in order to get the card ?
Yes. You need to be 18 or over and residing in Ivory Coast or in WAEMU zone. In addition, you either need to have an Ivorian ID card or one from WAEMU countries or a passport (Ivorian or foreign), or a valid residence permit.