Refill money on your card

What amount can be recharged on the card ?
You can load a minimum amount of 5000F and up to 2 000 000 CFAF on your card.


9 500 FCFA TTC

Maximum amount allowed VAT

2 000 000 FCFA

Daily withdrawals

400 000 FCFA
or the equivalent in local currencies

Daily ceiling on withdrawals

1 600 000 FCFA
or the equivalent in international currencies

Authorized amount per payment

2 000 000 FCFA

Daily ceiling on all payments

2 000 000 FCFA
or the equivalent in international currencies

What are the fees for recharging your card ?
The top up fee is comprised of 2% of the amount to be charged with an additional 1000 CFAF minimum outside of the NSIA Bank network and a fee of 2,20% of the amount to be charged with an additional 1250 CFAF within the NSIA Bank network.

What are the different limitations regarding the card ?
By Recharging your card multiple times does not allow you to exceed the daily amount that you can withdraw. You cannot For example, once you reach the limit, you cannot top up and withdraw on the same day to try to get over the daily limit.

N.B 24 hours need to have passed between the the last authorized withdrawal and the following withdrawal if you have reach the daily limit. The 24 hours are calculated based on the local time where the card was used ( same if the authorized amount has been attained). Top up fees through wire transfer are 3.5% and it can take up to 4 days for the wire to be processed although generally it takes about 24 hours.

After recharging my card, when are the funds available on my card ?
The funds are available immediately after you have recharged your card.

What happens if my card is not recharged for a couple of months ?
The card does not require regular top ups although monthly fees are deducted even if your card has been inactive. These fees will be taken once you recharge your card.

Who is the card meant for ?

The card is meant for everyone including :

  • A member of your family
  • A friend living in Cote d’Ivoire or abroad
  • Travellers
  • Internet users
  • Students
  • Professionals
  • Employees
  • Traders

Can I transfer money using my card ?
Yes, it is possible to transfer money from an prepaid card to another card or a Crystal card from NSIA Bank.
You can also send money to another person’s card, even if they are abroad thanks to a top up or a card transfer.

Can I change the card beneficiary ?
Once the card is activated you cannot change the card beneficiary.